prenatal-vitaminsPrenatal vitamins are a crucial part of every pregnant mother. They help supplement the shortcoming of diet giving the baby all the necessary nutrients for growth and development. Prenatal vitamins must not be confused with dietary supplements that every person can consume. Prenatal vitamins are specifically meant for pregnant women and aimed at providing the necessary nutrients to the growing baby.

Prenatal vitamins are so important and need to be consumed months even before mothers can conceive. They contain nutrients not found in most dietary supplements but contain almost all nutrients in the dietary supplements. The following are some of the benefits of prenatal vitamins.

Healthy development of the baby

The nutrients in most prenatal vitamins help with the healthy development of the baby. Nutrients like folic acid in the prenatal vitamins are crucial in the health development of the baby’s brain and spine. Dietary supplements can to be taken, but the problem is that they lack nutrients like prenatal vitamins which are so crucial in the development of the baby.

Prenatal vitamins help in the strengthening and growth of the baby’s bones during the third trimester. This is provided by the calcium and iron in the prenatal vitamins.

Irons help the mother maintain a good level of blood which is needed in high amounts when the mother is pregnant.

Other nutrients such as iodine in the prenatal vitamins are crucial for cells division and development of immunity.

Cons of prenatal vitamins

Too much prenatal vitamins can cause unwanted side effects. This includes symptoms like loss of appetite, nausea, and bloating, gas, and sleep disturbances.

Too much iron in the prenatal vitamins can lead to constipation, vomiting, and nausea.


Despite the few cons of prenatal vitamins, they are very crucial to the healthy development of the baby and every mother must take them. Consult with your doctor on the right prenatal vitamins for you and stick to the proper dosage to avoid some of the side effects.